What We Offer

What We Offer

Brand Development

In today’s competitive business environment, your organization’s brand must immediately convey a strong message. Bluerae works with you to fine tune and translate this message into a visual language, creating logo and identity systems that reflect your company’s character, culture, and focus. Starting new or reinventing the company? We can help with naming and taglines too.

Services Offered:

Corporate Communications

We believe that every component of your communications program must be part of a well thought out strategic plan that builds on your brand identity. Consistent visual and verbal messaging are the most critical parts of the design approach and creative copywriting. To achieve this, we strive to fully understand your business, internal and external challenges, goals and objectives and the best means to reach your target audience. The final, results-driven solutions stress consistency across any mix of media, including marketing literature, websites, investor relations information, tradeshow graphics, customer retention materials, or sustainability reports.

Services Offered:

Interactive Communications

With the continued advancements in interactive media and their widely adopted uses, you have many exciting opportunities to broaden your dialog with customers, investors, employees, and the press. Bluerae offers over ten years experience creating for interactive communications challenges, understanding what works – and most importantly, knowing how to make it work. We can help you harness the potential of the Web, CDs and eMarketing to enhance your brand and the bottom line.

Services Offered:

Investor Communications

Whether you’re taking your company public or already are a traded company, Bluerae works as an extension of your team, bringing a depth of understanding and clarity to your investor communications needs. Through collaborating with you and your key contributors, we will hone main messages to create compelling design and copywriting that gives investors concise views of the company, its goals, its products, and its financials.

Services Offered:


key messaging

company/product naming

logo and corporate identity development

identity standards and usage


key messaging & creative


corporate collateral systems

marketing communications systems

investor relations materials

annual reports

trade show graphics and collateral

sustainability reports

photography/imagery creation or management


information architecture and navigation

content development

interactive design for websites and CDs

eMarketing (Web banners, eNewsletters, HTML email, etc.)


annual reports

investor kits

fact sheets

presentation materials

interactive versions for websites or CDs