Idenix Pharmaceuticals

Idenix Pharmaceuticals


Through the startup phase, Idenix focused on its scientific expertise and processes. Once going public, however, it was time for Idenix to focus on marketing and promoting its story. It became imperative to build brand awareness and clearly communicate Idenix’s objectives to investors, the industry, and the press.


Bluerae collaborated with the core team at Idenix and distilled their input to create the unifying lead-in message of “The Power of …”. This phrase was adapted and integrated into a dynamic set of materials to highlight specific strengths of the company. This clear messaging, combined with bold imagery and consistent design, immediately positioned Idenix as leader within the industry.

Annual Report

After a successful first annual report, in which Bluerae emphasized the brand foundation, the following annual reinforced the idea of continued progress. Keywords, contemporary colors, and blurred images were used to underscore the advancements Idenix made throughout the year and its bright future ahead.

Investor Kit and Corporate Collateral

After hearing the company’s needs and challenges, Bluerae recommended steering away from a requested brochure and instead developed a flexible and adaptable solution for the investor kit. A CD was created with a brief Flash introduction positioning Idenix and its messages in an engaging and memorable format. From there the CDs could be personalized and financial information and fact sheets could be added or set up as links to the Web, keeping data fresh. To round out the package, a presentation folder with a series of printed fact sheets and summary information was created for use by both the investor relations and marketing teams to customize materials used in outreach.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Brochure

HR Brochure

Identity Development
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Quick Facts

Backgrounder: Product, Company, Disease

Event Invitations

Investor Communications

2004 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report

Interactive Communications

Corporate Website

Investor Presentation/Kit


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Idenix Pharmaceuticals

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Idenix Case Study (279K PDF)

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