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GEN3 Partners


GEN3 Partners built a solid reputation on its unique approach to solving technical challenges to innovation through a powerful methodology. But as the market landscape changed and the competition increased it became necessary to leverage their uniqueness through a strong brand, clear corporate image and integrated communications to more accurately reflect their powerful innovation consulting offerings.


The company restructured its overall approach and applied structure and hierarchy to its offerings to create an easier to understand dialogue with their customers. This new approach was then named G3:ID (Innovation Discipline). With newly organized processes in place, a fresh look and feel was created utilizing an expandable graphic language to reflect GEN3’s technical yet approachable style.


The key challenge for the new website was to be able to tell GEN3’s complicated story in a way that was quickly understandable and compelling. Bluerae worked together with the marketing team to restructure the website in an easily navigable way, utilizing interesting questions and real life case studies on the home page to draw in the viewer. The engaging and intuitive format, along with supportive messaging and imagery throughout, successfully conveys the G3:ID process and advantages.

Corporate literature

In an ever-changing business environment it is imperative to have materials that respond to GEN3’s needs. Bluerae created a flexible and adaptable marketing communications system to allow for quick updates, while maintaining the new visual and verbal consistency that is integral to promoting a strong brand.

Identity Development

Part of the overall update to the company involved applying a new color palette to the logo and creating a fresh set of corporate identity materials. The bold use of color in a clean and structured layout conveys that GEN3 is established, process-driven, and in touch with contemporary business challenges and solutions.


Corporate Communications

Identity Development
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Client Testimonial from Dana Rapaport, Vice President of Marketing, GEN3 Partners, Inc.

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GEN3 Partners Case Study (324K PDF)

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